Celebrate the Hanukkah Season with “Festival of Lights”


This holiday season, the story of Hanukkah is coming to life on phones and tablets everywhere.  Through the power of mobile storytelling of Appoet Inc and Amelia Street Studio are releasing the “Festival of Lights,” an engaging storybook application for iPhone and Android. More than just a rendition of the Hanukkah story, “Festival of Lights” brings the… more

Submitting an App to the Windows Store

Microsoft Store Front

As a developer of mobile applications your goal is to reach as many potential users as possible, so making your app available on a multitude of devices and for a variety of operating systems is the best way to expand your audience base. Submitting an app to the Windows Store is a surprisingly simple process, but it… more

The Death of the eBook


In the era of the eBook craze, authors have been able to self publish their literary gems with relative ease, employing the electronic publishing prowess of the Kindle, Nook, and iPad. The eBook has allowed independent authors to publish their literary works, and publications like Fifty Shades of Grey, The Tiger’s Curse trilogy, the Trylle trilogy, and The… more

Is the Internet the Second Age of Enlightenment?


With a steady stream of new and challenging information readily available at our fingertips, the Internet seems to have sparked a second Age of Enlightenment. Today’s Age of Enlightenment resembles the original 17th-century cultural revolution that began in Europe and spread to early colonial America in three key ways: a shift in the political landscape, an idolization… more

The Life and Times of the Mobile App: A Brief but Illustrious History


Mobile apps have become an intrinsic part of most people’s daily lives. Whether we’re checking the weather, playing a game, or communicating with friends, mobile applications play a significant role in how we interact with each other and receive news and information. In fact, mobile apps, and the technology behind them, have come such a long way… more