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Appoet inc. is a digital and app production house specializing in media, humanities, and hyper local broadcasting applications.
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What We Mean Support

This is the support page for What We Mean.  If you’re having problems running What We Mean on your device or have general questions, you may be able to find the answers below.  If you’re experiencing an issue that is not addressed, please leave a comment in the section under the post.

What devices run What We Mean?

Currently What We Mean only runs on Apple devices.  It runs best on the iPad 3 Retina and the iPad 2, but it works perfectly fine on iPhone 4s and later.  Please keep in mind that  What We Mean is optimized for iPads.

What We Mean runs slow on my device, what gives?

What We Mean is not your typical ebook.  Very large and beautiful images overlap each other to give What We Mean its unique look and feel.  To optimize your device for What We Mean, try closing all the other open apps on your device.  This will free up memory and speed up What We Mean.

Why can’t I zoom in on a composition I am creating?

The blackout section of What We Mean works by creating multiple images, your black outs, on top of each other.  At the moment, zoom works by scaling the image on the canvas, which throws all your blackouts out of whack.  This is why there is no zoom at the moment.

I want to publish my blackouts, is there a way to do this?

There are plenty of self-publishing sites online.  Check’em out and publish you’re own work, ya poet!